X-Fuge 2017

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X-Fuge is the premiere Christian summer camp where youth bond together through games, road trips, team building excercises and encounter God through music, teaching and various other activities! We have seen and experienced how, through camp, Christ has transformed the hearts of students and want your student to be a part of it!

WBC at X-Fuge 2016


"When I was falling towards the ground from a 20 ft rope swing, scared I was going to die (or at least break my leg), and after the harness broke my fall, I realized that no matter how out of control a situation may seem or how helpless you may feel, everything is in God's full control and he knows exactly what he is doing." Lindsay B.

"X-Fuge had a great impact on my daughter! Before she went, she felt she was struggling to feel God's love. Fuge helped her to see that he is truly there, guiding her through her life and spiritual journey." Angela S.

"X-Fuge allowed me to get away from worldly distractions and concentrate on my walk with God. Being in the mountains with my youth group and other teens was the perfect setting. During this time, we were digging deeper into to God's word while getting to know each other better through many fun activities and adventures." Sara Grace

"Over the five days that the WBC Youth spent at X-Fuge we became so much closer than we already were. We learned what it meant to trust each other and how to hold one another accountable, all while being surrounded by other youth who were striving to learn the same thing." Sarah H.

WBC at X-Fuge Glow Party 2016


Why should my student attend X-Fuge?

Click here to check out a testimonial video from last year! It will definitely help you understand the spiritual impact that X-Fuge can have.

What does a typical day at X-Fuge look like?

Click here to watch a video and see, or you can click here and see daily schedule.

What is the cost of X-Fuge?

The cost for X-Fuge is $320 per student, which includes transporation, lodging, food, camp experience, etc. for the entire week.

What if we cannot afford X-Fuge?

Every student has the opportunity to earn $75 off the cost of CentriKid. Click here to find out exactly how. If your child has participated in both of the afore mentioned opportunities and money is still an issue pleae e-mail Zach at zach@wendellbaptist.org. Money should never be the reason that your child does not attend camp!

  • $320Student
  • $320Adult Chaperone
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  • Jun 17
    8:00 am
    Jun 21
    4:00 pm
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